Corporate Reputation

Companies spend millions of marketing dollars building a brand. But if the company can not live up to the brand promise you will have issues with your reputation. This was the case with American Home Shield.
Before hiring Speakeasy, if you were to research home warranty companies you would find a surprising amount of poor reviews for American home Shield. I help develop three programs to help the company’s online reputation.

Defensive Tactic #1
To alleviate the “hemorrhaging,” we produced a video series that would help “humanize” the company; ” You can be angry with AHS, but you can’t get mad at Jasper.” The video series featured customer service personnel that discussing their length of service with the company and some fo their outside interests.

Defensive Tactic #2
Additionally, we developed a plan to capture post service call follow ups and post the positive comments. This allowed us to mitigate most of the negativity.

Offensive Tactic #1
Once the tide was turning for the defensive tactics, we launched “Homestructions” an online magazine with content describing best ways to manage your home. This allowed AHS to take a leadership position and feature positive stories and helpful content.

The results of these tactics allowed AHS to when numerous service awards helping the company increase sales beyond their statedĀ goals.