Publishing as a Marketing Tactic

Today’s online media and publications have various tools, tips, tricks, and techniques to use in order to get your brand noticed. This universal is quite simple: content is king. The lure of the instantaneous and addictive communication style which prevails throughout social media networks, Twitter for instance, has hooked many successful people into forgetting about updating their blog, website, or producing actual content. To not fall into this trap a calm, detached view of social media as a tool and not an ends in itself Is required if one wishes to continue to thrive in a landscape where quality content can distinguish you from the competition.

Marketing is something that no sane person would do without if they harbor within them even a small desire to be successful; the most rudimentary aspects of marketing tactics can go a long way to selling your dream, whatever that may be. If you happen to be marketing your brand in cyberspace the particulars of marketing change but the general theories remain solid. With the vast array of social networking sites available (Twitter, Facebook, LinedIn, etc) one might be boggled at a plethora of information and people stream past your mind. There are generally two ways to go about this: content marketing and white paper marketing, two excellent tactics that both work well in their own domain. In contrast to the usual techniques employed in marketing which involve bombarding consumers and potential customers with generally irrelevant information, content marketing seeks to obtain a customer base by providing highly relevant information. Instead of treating your customers like automatons or creatures to be manipulated through marketing techniques you merely provide data in a way which allows the customer to realize that your product is the best choice. Content marketing has been shown to improve brand loyalty in customers and has generally fared better in most areas than the more conventional marketing tactics.

White papers were first known as guides written by an expert or authority on a subject, in a formal manner. Starting off in the areas of politics and business, they have branched out into the wider arena of marketing. As business and marketing tools they are very useful and generally run along the same philosophy as content marketing: provide relevant information and let the reader make an informed decision. Generally white papers combine substance and style without being full of jargon, weasel words, and marketing terminology that serve only to confuse.

Creating content that engages the reader to take action, whether that is to download a white paper, subscribe to a newsletter, complete a form, or buy something, should be your number one goal.

Posted in Content Marketing Expert Dan Sturdivant