The work represented on this page was fundamentally my effort. I typically had an amazing group of talented designers, writers, and coders helping me.

I Am Zeus

Website and ecosystem built to help recruit high-quality drivers for trucking companies.

Visit: I Am Zeus

Homestructions- Online Magazine

Online web-based magazine that provided information on how to better manage your home. The site gave tips and tricks on how to take care of easy cleaning and simple maintenance in order to help prolong your appliances. American Home Shield was the sole sponsor.

Visit: http://www.homestructions.com/

Game of Homes Promotion

Online promotion designed to build awareness of American Home Shield core business (assuring your appliances are covered under a service warranty).

Visit: https://secure.cataboom.com/demo/ahs-game-of-homes-promotion

Curtis Mathes Rebrand

Revise and re-brand the iconic TV manufacturer into a producer of LED lighting.

Visit: http://curtismathesstore.com

My resume can be found here.